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I am a product of a location less than 100 miles from the geographical center of the United States.  Curiosity has ruled the larger decisions of my past, and I am still guided by it.  It steered me into industrial chemistry as my  undergraduate B.S. Degree.  However, I was closer to the arts in my master’s which dealt with radio and television production and performance.  And so I have worked for business, industry, and advertising.  I have utilized such skills as learned in music in early life (piano, clarinet, voice).  In time I became more active in  speech and drama, recording books for the blind, and reading the newspaper as an information service for those who cannot read for themselves.  I learned more of the visual arts, architecture, and landscaping as a docent in a local art museum and was a speaker for the museum and for the local library.


I began writing eleven years ago, beginning with my first novel, THE HIDDEN CITY.  I have written other novels, not yet in publication.  The idea came about after simmering in mind from the age of 31.  It had to do with my sense of justice, about which I have always been most passionate.  I found women and older persons were ignored, even put down, for their presumed ignorance or age.  However, don’t we all gain wisdom the longer we have experienced life?  Or we should.  Combined with that and a big imagination gained from playing mind games with myself as I grew up, I would look at my surroundings to see where I could hide messages, or myself, from the fictitious enemy.  I read books about adventures in faraway places including all the adult books written by Kipling and Robert Louis Stephenson.  They filled the bookcases in my parents’ home.  Those I absorbed from about age 11 to 15.  Stephenson wrote some mysteries I have never found  equaled.  Kipling knew India like nobody else, in my opinion.


I have incorporated this background and more in THE HIDDEN CITY.  I began and researched and wrote for two years saying what I wanted to say.  After that, working on the form of the story and the details of the plot, took more time.  Probably, I went through it seven times, and after I found myself single and free in 2008, made major revisions until further editing began, and at least four times before the work was printed.  For book lovers I am available for presentation of THE HIDDEN CITY in my own community.


I believe individual freedom, tempered with responsibility to harm no one, is the most important necessity in life for all people.




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