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The Hidden City (The City Unknown) | published by Total Publishing Media

The Hidden City is, indeed, hidden in the Rocky Mountains of Utah.  E. Tennyson Smith, a leading architect and engineer, Chairman of the Board of his own co-founded company, has been undermined by his chief assistant, insisting that he retire; although his performance is excellent and consistent.  No real case against him could be made; nevertheless, he was offered a highly insulting retirement package considering his prominence in the field.  As a valid citizen of the “Village” in Utah he recovers from this treachery and befriends a biologist-botanist, Dr. Peter Morse.  Fitness and longevity become the subject of their future together in a research effort to verify rumors of life spans of 120 years or more in Hunza and Russia.


A new identity is needed for Tennyson Smith and a complete makeover required.  Together, they seek to find these tribes of people and interview them.  As they make their way into Hunza and later into Tibet, they don’t realize they have become the marked victims of an implacable, though unknown enemy.  In their innocence they are pitted against an international criminal, who controls his empire from hidden internet banks of computer surveillance, and believes them to be usurpers of his illegitimate arms trade business.  This is a former Syrian army officer, Zobah Ben-Hadad who supplies and aids Islamic terrorists.  In every instance they avoid assassination and continue their journey to the Forbidden City of Lhasa in Tibet.  Fate intervenes and sends them north to a secret brotherhood where they are given far more knowledge than they sought.  They fall into further adventures on the Salween River coming into Burma where they must outwit the military dictatorship of the country and an expatriate drug lord.  From a former friend in Yangon (formerly Rangoon) they escape border customs to reach India, the last stamp shown on their passports. 


The adventures aren’t quite over yet, but the knowledge gained brings honors to both men.

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